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Rose Mandarin Robe

This robe was made from a mottled rose colored flannel.  I interlined it with cotton (actually, an old white tablecloth) so it would be warm, and then lined it with a polyester satin, so it...

cranberry & pink wrap skirt

this skirt is made from a cotton/spandex fabric, with a distressed pink & cranberry print.  I used 4 pink pearly looking buttons to close it.  I modified a vintage "Basic" Vogue pattern...

pastel & colored pencil design for notecards

I wanted to design my own notecards, which could be used for any occasion but would add a personal touch because they were printed from a design made by me. :)

Tied-sleeve T-shirt

I used a rose double knit cotton for the majority of this t-shirt.  I also had some interesting fabric that I'd found in the "remnants" bin, so I used that for the collar, and to line the little...

Little Girl's Hello Kitty blouse

I found some cute Hello Kitty fabric, but also wanted to personalize the blouse.  So I used plain white cotton for the front panels, and the cute fabric for the back, collar, & to edge the...

Pink "knit look" Blouse

I bought some fabric at WalMart for $1.50 per yard.  I bought a bunch, because I wanted to try it with my new serger.  This is one of the tops I made - the bottom hem is the selvage of the...

Pink & grey Track Suit

I used some pink terry cloth fabric for the top, and grey double knit cotton for the pant.  I also used the pink terry to make the stripes on the sides of the pants.  I used McCall's "Spa...

Arizona Sunset Throw

I used salmon pink, aqua & black Red Heart yarn, and several specialty yarns that were in the "clearance" bin.  I used pretty big needles to get the "loopy" look :)  I get a lot of...

knit scarf

I used the double strand technique & big (size 13) needles to knit this.  One strand was a salmon pink Red Heart, the other was an angora blend that was on sale... can't remember the name...

Pink Charmeuse (?) Parisian Blouse

I used one of the great free downloadable patterns from BurdaStyle. What an amazing resource for those who love to sew!!!  I used the fabric from the skirt of a hideous bridesmaid's dress...

Jeans Bag

I made this bag from a pair of size 4 CK coral pink jeans that are way too tight now (must've  I used the fabric along side, and including, the outside seams to make interesting...

recent comments

Re: Project Runway: Season 6 Finale

I LOVED Carol Hannah's beautifully executed designs & thought she showed a lot of grace in a tough situation. Being as ill as she was, she still managed to be a lovely person - unlike Irena, whose personality leaves me cold.

Meana Irena is quite talented - she put together a unique collection, but I found all the black pretty boring, & like someone else mentioned, made the details hard to see.

I liked Althea's collection least, but funny enough, found her garments to be the ones I'd be most likely to actually wear!

I like PR much better in their new home. I like the models show & the regular cast (ie. Heidi, Tim, Nina, etc) seem much more relaxed.

Re: Project Runway Episode 11 Recap

Carol Hannah's design was beautiful!!! I hope she wins the series. She has consistently made gorgeous garments.

I really liked Gordana's suit, as well. I loved the cut and the darting. I don't know why the judges pick her designs apart every week.

I wasn't crazy about Althea's design - the pants were awful!!! However, I was really glad that "Meana Irena" didn't win!!! lol!

Re: Project Runway Episode 10 Recap

I thought that Irena's design was boring!!! I think Carol Hannah, Gordana and Althea all had more interesting looks.

You're right Sassymedusa, when I saw that the "spectacular Rodeo Drive" designer that they were visiting with was Micheal Kors, I almost fell off the couch laughing!

I also LOVE the recaps. We don't get long enough to study the garments on the runway... it's great to get a second look, and to hear other people's opinions.

Re: Book Giveaway: Twinkle Sews by Wenlan Chia

I just LOVED the ready-to-wear garments on Wenlan Chia's website! Wow, I could become a real trendsetter with this book! The looks are edgy, elegant and most of all, unique!!!

Re: Project Runway Episode 8 Recap

Whew! Gordana is probably such an amazing craftsperson, I'm really glad that won this, because I've been worried about her, as the others are younger, and they believe that they have fresher ideas. I guess she proved them wrong!!!

I really liked Carol Hannah's creation, as well!

Re: Project Runway Episode 9 Recap

Soooo happy to see Carol Hannah take this one - so stylish & tasteful, a gorgeous dress!!!

Re: How to Make a Mad Hatter Costume

this was so cool, I posted it on my facebook page because all of my friends really get into Halloween!! If anyone makes this, I'll send you pics. Great costume, excellent tutorial!! Thanks!