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Re: How to Make an Impression: Extraordinary Thank-You Notes

Jeffery, Beautiful! I treasure hand written notes! My husband thinks I'm a pack rat because of all the paper I collect. Thank you for this share. I could see a way for those that aren't as confident with scissors where other talents could be used - paper punches or electronic paper cutters to get a similar effect. My wheels are turning because of your idea! Thank you!

Re: How to Turn a Soda Can into a Spring Flower Brooch


I found this entry when I was looking for an idea on crimping metal, as I have been cutting up cans for a while and had a new idea I wanted to try... When I landed on the site and saw that it was you I laughed and thought, well I better leave a comment! Great job on the photos and instructions. I use a sharp pair of Fiskers to cut my cans. I basically stab the can and then start cutting. Another tip, I picked up some gloves from Harbor Freight, they are made by Western Safety (black nylon with nitrile palms), these are thin enough that I can feel the can but protective enough that I don't get cuts from the can.

Anyway I'm so glad that I have found your creative spots on the web, you are appreciated!