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Re: Project Runway All Stars: "The Business of Fashion"

I agree w/ the above comments about Mondo. I really like him but this boxy dress was the ugliest thing I've ever seen!! The chartreuse stripe was the 1st thing I noticed and wondered the same thing....what woman would want THAT around their hips???? I wish we could know what the judges really are seeing that we aren't.

AND the judges said so many negative things about Mondo's dress....WHY OH WHY would they make him the winner?????

As for Kenley, why didn't she lay out the pattern so that the feather was center on the model's chest, just under the neck, then she could have cut out the key hole everyone wanted to see. Kenley needs some instruction on pattern lay out (this was a problem in another of her designs earlier this season) and more importantly, classes on WHY she doesn't have all the answers.

All that said, I can't wait for the next shows!

Re: Who first taught you to sew?

My mother sewed all of my life, mostly out of necessity. When I was about 9 years old, she thought it was time that I learned how to sew...an apron of all things! Well, I thought that was the most stupid idea she ever had. Why would I want an apron – I didn't want to learn to cook either!!! She gave the idea up in frustration. Well, now, as it turns out, 53 years later, sewing remains my first passion! I learned so much from my mother over the years, once I got in my teen years; she was such a careful and meticulous seamstress. She is now 88 years old, has failing eyesight and laments the fact that she isn't able to do the sewing she once could. I often thank her for having patience with me and for waiting patiently for me to be ready to learn this wonderful craft.

I turned around and taught my 3 sons how to use the sewing machine. When my youngest son and his wife purchased their first sewing machine, they argued over who would get to use it first! He won and made a blanket for their soon to arrive first child.