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Etsy: Manicmom55's - Bold & Gorgeous Statement Necklaces

These are my own creations based on browsing the web and catalogs and trying to think up new ways to use up my stash of fabrics, vintage buttons and leftover hems from evening gowns!

Gorgeous feminine statement necklace

Pastel and diaphanous pale pink chiffon statement necklace made with white tulle rosettes, rhinestones, pearls, bridal lace, vintage lace and faux coppery leaves. I used to do bridal alterations and...

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Re: Project Runway: What's Mine is Yours

Excuse me, but Michael Kors is MATRONLY!!!
What are you wearing every week on PR?
Black, black, oh yes & more BLACK!!!
Ok maybe just sand colored pants on the model wasn't the greatest idea here but at least Casanova is appealing to more than just the '20 something' crowd.
Old folks go to resorts, too, Michael!!
Chevrons on the too short shorts on Valerie's model made her legs look fat, and that type of top has been done before.
How much time did it take Mondo to draw a bikini & a jacket? Come on!!
Aprils is very different & really pushing the envelope, but what is it? A swim suit, a club dress? & how does that translate into something the average resort goer is really going to buy. It looks kind of too complicated to crawl into.
What's boring also is that a third of the designers all did some form of palazzo pant.....YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Men's Shirt Makeover

This is very cute!
A great project for a first timer, because you don't need to cut out a whole pattern and everything.
And it would even look really cute done from a Hawaiian shirt, don't you think?
Thanks for such a simple fun idea!

Re: What are you making Dad for Father's Day?

Dad is getting a custom designed bicycle shirt.

Re: What are you hoping to receive for Mother's Day this year?

A clean house and NO dishes to do on Monday. Oh yeah....and NO drama from my 16 year old!

I wouldn't mind some flowers and a nice dinner out also!

Re: Project Runway - Sew Much Pressure

Johnathan: I think as the show went on, he lost who he was, he was doing some good stuff worthy of rave reviews, but this last RCD really missed the mark. I was expecting it to be long. I surely know how to salvage used fabric, why didn't he utilize the leftover coral to his advantage. Unfortunately, they HAD to pick someone and because the front was a mess (especially at this stage of the game!) he HAD to go.
Milla: I think she's also lost, and very frazzled to be the only woman left since Mya quit suddenly. I still like her stuff tho, even tho she's always done color blocking, If her dress had the bodice overlapped and maybe been a version of a low- hi-low hem it could've worked.
Seth-Aaron: He showed up in Portland on a local talk show last month......hmmmm, I wonder what's up with that? N E way, he also does a lot of the same stuff, i.e. lots of hardware on his designs. I would've done a strapless with the studs around the top of the bodice & maybe down the back seam and made it a true mermaid with a great train. I think that would've wowed the judges!
Anthony: Very good gown! Needs to be cleaned up, but good simple lines.
Emilio: Same for him, great dress...a bit too simple but I understand that the fabric is quite something, and I would've done a bit more with the thing on the right side...maybe a little more folds down the front, subtlely, tho.
Jay: Well I like the idea of the vertical ruffles, why didn't he just make it a longer version, like Johnathan should've? and maybe a bit of shine to one of the sheer fabrics in the mix of ruffles for RCD?

Re: What sewing technique do you want to learn?

I'd love to learn draping and therefore be using my dressmakers dummy more optimally. It looks hard, and I've seen lots of articles written but I believe I need a class!

Re: What sewing technique do you want to learn?

@ DeeQuilter:
On my serger, I can push the cutting knife in and turn it (carefully) into an upright position to disengage it.
Does your machine do this? That way I can get the technique you speak of done with no cutting. I've also used twin needles on my sewing machine and done just fine.
Hope this helps!