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Re: What machine are you sewing on now?

I' sewing on a Bernina 1005 because my Bernina 1130 is being serviced. Even though they are about 20 years old they are great machines. I like the Bernina buttonholes and all the presser feet options for the machines. Someday I would like to have a sewing machine with more decorative stitches and automatic buttonholes but I don't think I would ever give up my 1130.

Re: Book Giveaway - Dorm Decor: Remake Your Space with More Than 35 Projects

I just got back from new student orientation at my son's college. Unfortunately, he's been assigned to the "party" dorm! The rooms are so small and bleak I'd like to find a way to cheer it up.

Re: Who first taught you to sew?

All girls had to take home economics in eighth grade and we had to sew a jumper. I didn't know anyone who sewed and I didn't get much support. I took so long to make that jumper that I got a "D" for it.
When I was in my twenties I took sewing classes at a fabric store and learned how to sew properly. My teachers encouraged us to sew more difficult garments and I'm so grateful to them.

Re: How to Restyle a T-Shirt into a Gathered-Yoke Top

Very clever and much more flattering than the original neckline!

Re: How to: Zippers (Part 3)

Sewing the 1/4" guideline is a terrific idea. I measure from the edge and pin the zipper but sewing a guideline is probably faster and more accurate. I agree with you about the invisible zipper foot. I finally got one and I love it.

Re: The British Invasion - Knitting Magazines From Across the Pond

Tina,thank you so much for this information. These look like great websites.