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Re: What are some of your odd sewing habits?

My best toy is my Huskystar. I used to put it on the table in the dining room facing the wall...that was before I got my priorities straight. I moved the sofa out of the living room into the dining room. I put the table in the middle of the living room facing the television, near the CD player, across from the fireplace, and still not far from the refrigerator. I have marathon sewing projects with all three Lord of the Rings movies, or maybe the Riddick trilogy, or even public television. The last sewing extravaganza resulted in three pairs of slacks, a jacket with a zipper, and a lined skirt. This princess has made her castle space work for her ....

Re: What was your very first sewing project?

My first project in junior high after the pot holder was a gathered skirt. They were actually going out of style, but it offered a chance to do gathers and a zipper. The fabric was a violet gingham. Forty-five years later, see where sewing has taken me (attic-realms.com).