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Re: Totally Tubular: How to Sew a Cowl

The timing of this idea was perfect. On Dec. 23, I found myself in need of a couple of presents. After reading this, I stopped at my local fabric store and found some black poly velvet with some sparkling ribbon interwoven. One yard yielded four small cowls, about 24 inches wide, 14 inches long. I overlocked all the edges with pearl rayon thread to it would look a little dressier. I attached a recipe card with instructions ("Recipe for: Stylish Warmth; Ingredients: Velvet Cowl; Directions: Pull over head so flared opening is at bottom. Scrunch around neck according to taste. Optional: add jewelry."), and had four easy, inexpensive, stylish gifts, which were enthusiastically received.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Re: How to Make a Snowstorm

Fabulous project. I made this with my daugther's 4th grade class during the school's Christmas/Holiday party. It was a simple and non-messy activity, but the collective effect was wonderful. Plus, the "curtain" can stay up through the next month or two.
Thanks for the idea.