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Re: Book Giveaway: Threads Sewing Guide

Undoubtedly this new book would be invaluable. Threads magazine has offered so many new and unusual techniques that have never been given in other sewing instruction books. Pam

Re: How to Make an Argyle Fleece Throw

For this throw, it appears that you are going to have only one layer of fleece on the cream side of the fleece.

I would suggest carefully cutting out cream diamond pieces so they can be used to apply to the reverse goldenrod fleece with stitching.

This would give an argyle effect on both sides of the throw. One could use either the running stitch with floss or any other kind of stitch you like to attach the diamonds on the reverse side.

I, for one, like a double sided throw for warmth and this would have that effect.

Re: How To Make Customized Occasion T's

I would suggest that one pay attention to the grain of the applique fabric so it matches the grain of the shirt. In addition, a stabilizer or light stabilizer as mentioned would be very useful in this project. I would stabilize the letter fabric first, then draw the letters on the stabilized fabric and then cut out the letters. Much more time saving in the long run.

Re: How to Make a Men's Fleece Hoodie

When copying a hoodie from a current garment, make sure that the hood itself is what you want. Although the wearer may be using it, it still may feel a little short in height if the wearer has a long neck.

Re: How to Embroider a Festive Polarfleece Stocking

On clipping inside or outside curves, I use a craft knife and start at the seam and cut toward the ouside. The seam never gets cut and this goes much faster than using scissors to clip. My tip was published in Threads a few months ago. Pam