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Re: Teach Yourself to Sew: Fabric 101

I don't sew alot but want to sew more. I have the time now but less space as I am moving into my motorhome. I happened to find craftstylish by accident and really got enthused by it so much that I passed it on to my soon to be daughter-in -law she loved it. I thought it would be something to bring us closer together, sharing ideas for patterns, going shopping for fabric, even sewing together. Sally is very creative a has some great ides. sally was very excited about the idea one problem Sally doesn't have a sewing machine. we will get to that soon I hope. They live on a very tight budget. Yesterday, while I was shopping at the 99 cent store, I bought a 3 basket rollaround for 5 dollars. It's great I'm going back for more, it's great for holding everything, even patterns. [email protected]

Re: How do you spring clean your sewing space?

I don't have a sewing room. I use a table which drope leaf sidesconceal four chairs. I open one side and both for cutting patterns. Iuse one of the chairs which I pull out for sewing.Ihave a hair dressers move about to store all sewing supplies and such it has drawers and pockets on the sides. This works out great everything organized all the time. My fabric is stored in collapsible bags. I can move everything from room to room. Even the table is on wheels. I use plant stands under fabric bags, they are on wheels also. I sew mostle in the kitchen where the table is. Every thing put away when time to cook. [email protected]