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Re: How do you use recycling in your sewing?

I do alterations and repairs, and even the smallest offcuts get reused in some way. Nothing from my workroom ends up in landfill. Denim scraps and suiting offcuts are put aside for repairing other customers' jeans and trousers. The scraps I don't need are either snapped up by keen Freecyclers for making rag rugs or felt, or are taken to a local recycling centre called Scrapstore, which collects stuff primarily for use as creative material for children's projects. Little bits of cotton, wool, viscose/rayon and other natural fibres go on my compost heap, and anything left over goes to a charity (thrift) shop who can sell it by weight to shoddy and mungo merchants. Clothes that are not saleable in the West are sold in Africa and anything else is turned into other textiles, such as insulation material, cleaning cloths, carpet underlay, rugs, etc, so nothing is wasted. Broken zips and metal trims go in the metal recycling bin collected by the local authority.