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Re: How do you use recycling in your sewing?

I do alterations and repairs for customers. I reuse all those plastic bags I get for trash bags or, small ones, for items to return to customers. I reuse all thos credit card "blanks" I get in the mail to mark or cut into width guides. I alter for a police department so I save ALL buttons, slips, sometimes zippers and pulls, and definitely anything I cut from pants that are shortened. Often I have to extend the length of a hem and the hem width scraps make handy facings. I have used wedding gowns to make much cherished Christening gowns. I have turned my own prom gown into a formal skirt. And what little girl doesn't like new doll clothes or a 'ball gown' to play with.
Some of the most interesting sewing I have done personally is the remodeling of garments for myself....a jacket into a vest, removing a collar or hood, slacks into capris, getting rid of shoulder pads and making sleeve tops more current and then taking in an shortening appropriately. Making a garment totally sometimes results in design or fit that just doesn't work whereas updating an existing garment gives you a head start on overall design.

Re: What machine are you sewing on now?

I have used a Viking #1 for about 15 years now. I had work completed on it last year and bought a second machine, a #1+. Only took a few weeks and I realized I had made a mistake....I don't want to do machine embroider--don't want to learn, don't need the designs, etc. Just not my thing!
I returned to my dealer and back-traded for another #1.
I do alterations and repairs and these machines work so well for me! I also have a Viking 905 Serger.
All of my machines have been Viking as I have found them to be so durable and service outstanding for them. Every time I have changed a machine for a newer one, I am encouraged by how user friendly sewing machines are now.