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Re: What are some of your odd sewing habits?

I always sew bare foot and, anytime I'm sewing "bottoms", i.e. pants or skirts, I sew in my nickers. I also cut out several projects at a time, as I have a cutting table that, when open, takes up most of my sewing space; thus, it saves time to cut out several projects while the table is stretched out. Also, it seems easier work out pattern adjustments several at a time so I don't forget any detailed alterations to the pattern. And zooming through the sewing of several projects that are already cut out makes me feel like I have accomplished more even though logic tells me otherwise. This is esp. so if I am making an entire outfit, i.e. a two or three piece suit with blouse and possibly coordinating pants. If this is the case, then I cut out everything at once, then sew, sew, sew ...

Re: Choose the Winner of the SewStylish Spring Fashion Contest

Message to Gertie T: My dear Gertie; don’t you even give those nasty comments (and the people who made them) a second thought. Every generation is different, and we each owe it to ourselves to live our own lives and march to our own drummer. It takes some of us far too long to figure that out, so good for you that you "got it" while you are young!

Your dress is the result of someone having an eye for exquisite design and running with it, as well as the skills to execute it beautifully; and that, dear one, IS YOU!! And Gertie; you look absolute lovely in it. Wear it with pride and joy.

Re: Choose the Winner of the SewStylish Spring Fashion Contest

I really like all three dresses for different reasons. Each is creative, and with beautifully executed details. Frankly, I'd like one of each in my closet! Congratulations to each of you lovely young women, and all the best for continued success with your sewing. Good job!!

And to those of you who have made mean-spirited remarks: Please ...try to control yourselves and be nice! Manners are free, but rudeness eventually corrodes the soul