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Hand Knit Panda with Red and Gold Chinese Jacket and Hat

A hand knitted panda made from black and white wool, wearing a red and gold Chinese jacket and hat.The eyes are stiched on using cable stitch so there are no hard parts which can be dangerous to a...

Hand Knitted White Tea Set

A knitted and crochet tea set comprising of a white tea pot and two cups.The knit teapot is 18cm wide x 12cm high.The knitted tea cups are filled with wool of varying browns to give a coffee with...

Hand Stitched Cupcake Birthday Card

I stitched the cupcake pattern onto white card using metallic pink and gold thread and cut round the outline. A layer of thin pink mulberry paper was put behind this and cut round the outline as...

Hand Knitted Black and White Panda Stuffed Toy

This is a hand knitted panda made from black and white wool. The eyes are stiched on using cable stitch so there are no hard parts which can be dangerous to a child.The toy is stuffed with...

Stitched Red Hearts Card

This design is made up of a frame of red hearts which have been hand stitched onto white card using red metallic thread so they have a shiny quality.In the centre of the frame is a lilac oval with...

Hand Knitted Pastel Multi Coloured Dinosaur

A hand knitted dinosaur made from multi colour pastels wool and stuffed with polyester stuffing. The dinosaur is about 29cm in length and has two brown eyes made from plastic safety eyes which are...

Hand Stitched Beaded Angel Christmas Card

This card has been created by taking a red 6" square card and placing a square of white card in the centre.  On this has been hand stitched using different coloured seed beads the outline...

Hand Knitted Funky Green Frog

This fun green frog has been made using Sofil Susie wool (80% Acrylic/20% mohair)The eyes are stuffed and have black plastic safety eyes added to the white part.The mouth is sewn on with black...

Hand Stitched Teddies Wedding Cross Stitch Announcement

A picture of a pair of teddy bears in wedding attire, sitting in a car is cross stitched onto white thread. The stitching is 7.5 cm wide x 5cm high.Wedding details or any other information you may...

Hand Knitted Tea and Cake Set

A knitted tea set comprising of a pink tea pot, two pink tea cups and a victoria sponge with cherries on top.The teapot is 17cm wide x 11cm high, the tea cups 8cm wide x 3.5cm high, the saucers 75...

Iris Fold Baby Boy Bottle Congratulations Card Tri-Fold

Large rectangular blue tri-fold card (20 x 15cm) with a smaller white mulberry paper rectangle in the space, with a baby bottle shape cut out of it.This is filled in with an iris fold pattern in 4...

Hand Knitted Garter Stitch Jacket with Ribbon Tie

Hand knitted white garter stitch matinee jacket for a 3-6 month old.The jacket has pink ribbon threaded through the eyelets so it ties around the middle.Finished measurements are:Chest 48cmsTotal...

Apple For The Teacher Thank You Greeting Card - Girl

Long white card (10 x 21cm) with a 1 inch piece of red satin ribbon running along the centre.On top of this is a brown frame with a black centre to imitate a school blackboard. On this is a girl...

Hand Knitted Baby Booties (Red)

I've always made booties for friends when they had babies.  Now I make additional pairs for sale. Here in Hong Kong where I live red is considered a very lucky and auspicious colour. They are...

3 Pink Cupcakes

I made some knitted cupcakes for my god daughter and she loved them, so have made more to sell so other little girls can enjoy them at their pretend tea parties. Made from plain white wool and fluffy...

Iris Fold Yacht Fathers Day Card

Rectangular cream card (13.5cm x 13.5cm) with a smaller blue card with a sailing boat shape cut out of it.This is filled in with an iris fold pattern in 3 different colours.Top right is the word dad...

Garter Stitch White Baby Kimono Type Jacket

White hand knitted baby kimono jacket for a newborn.Finished measurements are:Chest 40 cms/16 inchesTotal Length 20 cms/8 inchesSleeve Length 10cms/4 inchesThe inside flap is secured by tying the two...

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Re: Book Giveaway: Great Little Gifts to Knit

My kind of book. I love quick knit projects, as I love the satisfaction of completing a project in a short space of time.

Re: Hand Knitted Baby Booties (Red)

These red booties sold and are no longer in the store.

Re: Hand Knitted Funky Green Frog

This little fella sold and has gone off to his new home :)

Re: Hand Knitted Tea and Cake Set

This set has sold and gone to it's new home :)


Hi Doreen,

I finally tracked down a pattern I use for booties. Hopefully you will see this as I couldn't figure out a way to just mail you on this site.

Happy knitting.


Re: Hand Knitted Baby Booties (Red)

Sorry for slow response, I've been away on holiday. I got the instructions off the internet. I'll see if I can dig them out and let you know.